Into the Future

  • Pat Brown
Part of the The ‘New Approaches to Care’ Series book series


What has the future to offer the retired and the about to be retired? Modern gerontology tells us that there will be more of us, as a percentage of the population, entering that stage of life up to the end of the century than the country has ever had to cope with before. This chapter looks forward to the changes which we might achieve in the future. We will be better educated and more vocal than our predecessors. We will be slightly better off financially — adding to our political strength. There will be more flexibility about retirement age, and less discrimination. Medical and technological advances will mean that the quality as well as the quantity of life will improve. The notion of the retired as un-people — unable, unemployable, uninteresting and unadaptable — should change as the retired themselves organise and demand their rightful place in society.


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