Planning in the Mixed Economy: Problems and Prospects

  • David H. Mckay


In the period 1945–73 every country studied in this volume experienced unprecedented economic growth and urban development. Following post-war reconstruction between 1945–55, rural migration, immigration, the spread of car ownership and owner-occupied housing combined to transform town and country alike. While the broad trends have been similar everywhere, important national variations exist. Population growth has been much more rapid in some countries (West Germany, France) than in others (Britain, Denmark). Rural migration has been greater in France than elsewhere (see Table A.3, Appendix). Britain’s rate of economic growth and therefore rate of urban change has been relatively low compared with her neighbours. Perhaps as a result of early industrialisation, Britain also has a problem of inner city and regional decline which has no equivalent on the continent of Europe’ (see Hall and Hay, 1980).


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