The Nature of Teams

  • Malcolm Payne
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Teamwork is in vogue in social work and in other helping services. Recent books on social work and recent government reports on the social services often recommend strengthening teamwork as a way of improving the organisation of services and the quality of the help given to the public. Many social workers assume that they work in teams and yet feel that their team is not as good as it might be. The biggest study of social services departments (SSDs), the United Kingdom’s main social work agencies, found

that no one interviewed in our field studies questioned the area team as the basic component in the organisation of the social services. Indeed, although it was seldom spelt out, our impression was that most social workers found it congenial to work in a team and relied, to a considerable extent, upon other team members for support. However, it was equally striking that social workers seem unaware of the potential of the team for team work (Parsloe, 1978, paras 14.73–14.74).


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