Class Struggle, the Degree of Monopoly and Distribution

  • Keith Cowling
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We have argued in earlier chapters that there is an underlying tendency for the share of profits to rise because of the monopolisation of markets but that the actual appearance of a rising share of profits is conditional partly on a distributional struggle between different levels of management and different elements of the capitalist class, and also on the maintenance of aggregate demand, which may itself be importantly affected by managerialism. Until this point we have said little about class struggle between workers and capitalists and its implications for the distributive shares. We now want to ask the question whether or not these processes operating within the monopoly capitalist system are significantly affected by the pressure of workers for higher wages, both directly and indirectly via the social wage. What is meant by union power and is it on the increase? Can a significant redistribution of income and wealth in favour of workers take place despite the monopolisation of markets?


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