The Setting for Independence
  • Robin Jeffrey
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In the last months of 1945, Asia was in ferment. That much was clear even to readers of newspapers in countries far away, as items in the London Times showed:

CIVIL WAR THREAT IN PHILIPPINES. LUZON AN ARMED CAMP … clashes between the Filipino army and the Hukbalahaps, a powerful leftist independent guerilla movement.…

30 October 1945, p. 4.

BITTER CLASHES AT SAIGON. ANNAMITE ATTEMPT TO TAKE AIRFIELD. New French forces … forward positions… strong opposition.… 15 October 1945, p. 4.

FIGHTING IN SURABAYA. BRITISH FORCES ENGAGED. INDONESIANS WELL ARMED. British troops … principally 49th Indian Brigade … heaviest casualties to date.…

30 October 1945, p. 4.

LEFT-WING RALLY IN SINGAPORE. More than 5,000 Chinese … left-wing resistance groups.… 18 September 1945, p. 3.


MR. JINNAH ON DUTCH “IMPERIALISM”. “Dutch dominion and imperialism”, he said, “must come to an end, like any other foreign dominion and imperialism … or else this terrible war has been fought in vain.” 13 October 1945. p. 3.


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