Crossing the Cultural Threshold: a Challenge to Users of EIL

  • Mayuri Sukwiwat


We are all aware that there are affinities between linguistic and cultural manifestations, but how many of us consciously recognize the relationship between language and culture? What we think about and how we think about it are processed through our language and to a great extent influenced by our culture. In order to explain this, perhaps a definition of the word “culture” is needed. I prefer to use the term “culture” as defined by Peter S. Adler as “an intertwined system of values and attitudes, beliefs and norms that give meaning and significance to both individual and collective identity” (Adler, 1977). Understanding a language involves not only a knowledge of grammar, phonology and lexis but also a knowledge of certain features and characteristics of this so-called “intertwined system of values and attitudes, beliefs and norms,” that users of that language subscribe to.


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