The Choice of a Labour Market

  • R. M. Blackburn
  • Michael Mann
Part of the Cambridge Studies in Sociology book series (CAMBSIS)


We wished to undertake an intensive study of one labour market, and this obviously involved setting boundaries to our study. Our first empirical problem was to delineate our labour market both geographically and occupationally. Geographically we were looking for a town within reach of our base of operations, Cambridge, which would offer three things:
  1. 1.

    a high degree of self-containment as a labour market, so that we could study the entire range of choice available to the worker in it;

  2. 2.

    a low level of unemployment, so that “choice” was not merely a question of working in any job or remaining unemployed;

  3. 3.

    a high degree of employment variety so that meaningful choices would appear to be possible.



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