Dishwashers and Proprietors

Macedonians in Toronto’s restaurant trade
  • Harry Vjekoslav Herman


This paper deals with Macedonian immigrants in Toronto and with their high concentration as owners and employees in the restaurant industry. Its main purposes are to uncover the reasons for this occupational concentration and the way it is achieved; to assess consequences of such concentration for the immigrants and for their children; and to propose that any study of the coincidence of ethnic and occupational categories in a complex, industrial, poly-ethnic society should include a micro-level study of the members of any specific ethnic aggregate or aggregates. It is argued that ethnic identity can be both an asset and a liability, depending on the logic of the situation in which it occurs, and that it is best understood as a resource more or less consciously used in inter-personal relations (Wallman, 1974).


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  • Harry Vjekoslav Herman

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