Problems of Economic Development of East Africa

  • David Walker
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For the purposes of this paper East Africa is defined to mean the three adjacent British dependent territories of Uganda, Kenya, and Tanganyika. These three territories constitute an area which is bounded: in the north by the Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia; in the west by the Belgian Congo; in the south by Nyasaland and Portu guese East Africa; and in the east by the Indian Ocean. In total: the three countries have an area of about six hundred and fifty thousand square miles; a population of about twenty-two million people; and a combined domestic product of £1544 million. By comparison with the really big countries of the world such as the United States, which has an area of about three million square miles, East Africa is not a large country. Nevertheless, distances are very considerable; from the north of Kenya to the south of Tanganyika is about a thousand miles; the width of Tanganyika is about six hundred miles; and her land area alone is about the same as Nigeria, and almost as much as Pakistan.


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