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Securities for Loans

  • Stephen Judge
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After reading this chapter you will know about:
  1. 1

    the way land, goods, securities and life insurance policies can be mortgaged, legally or equitably, to provide security for a loan

  2. 2

    the remedies and protection of the mortgagee and the protection of the mortgagor

  3. 3

    the charges which can be created over their property by registered companies, and the distinction between fixed and floating charges

  4. 4

    guarantees and indemnities as a security, including the contractual considerations, special categories of guarantor, the rights of the guarantor and the termination of guarantees

  5. 5

    the use of a retention of title clause as security for the supplier of goods against the eventuality of the purchaser becoming bankrupt or going into liquidation when the goods are still not paid for

  6. 6

    the value of the lien as a form of security



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