Technology: Creating ‘Haves’ and ‘Have-Nots’

  • Julian E. Markham


Shopping centre development, management, marketing and promotion are not alone in having to depend on social attitudes. In architectural terms, in the broadest sense of the definition, society’s requirements have to be taken into account. There have been many examples throughout history of society being provided with what is the perceived architecture of the times, only to be disillusioned some time afterwards. In building, the 1960s industrialised building methods for residential flats, giving rise to large soulless concrete slabs, is typical. This panacea for the housing shortages was hailed as a great advance. Later it was seen as the creation of ghettos of misery, lawlessness and mediocrity. It produced many no-go areas where normal residents lived in isolated fear, devoid of many features and advantages of normal community life.


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