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How to Create Trademarks

  • Tom Blackett


A trademark has three functions:
  • To distinguish the goods or services of the enterprise from those of another.

  • To indicate the source or origin of the goods or services.

  • To represent the goodwill of the trademark owner and to serve as an indication of the quality of his goods or services.

These functions are best expressed by example. The trademark Palmolive is a well-known brand name for soap in the United Kingdom. The Palmolive mark distinguishes the product from the numerous other soap products on the market; it indicates the source of the product and it represents the quality of the product and the goodwill of the manufacturer. Provided Palmolive soap is of good quality and satisfies the consumer, the chances are that when the time comes to buy again the consumer will choose Palmolive. Brand loyalty will then begin to develop.


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