Brick and Block Walling

  • Ivor H. Seeley
  • Roger Winfield
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Brickwork and blockwork are measured in m2 stating the nominal thickness, such as ½B, 1B or 1½B, the plane where other than vertical, such as battering or tapering, and whether it has facework (measured fair) on one or both sides (F10:1.1–3.1–4.0). It must include full particulars of the bricks or blocks, type of bond, composition and mix of mortar and type of pointing (F10:S1–4), although this information is likely to be provided in preambles to the brickwork and blockwork bill or in a project specification. The provision of a prime cost sum for the supply of facing bricks is not entirely satisfactory as different types of brick can have widely differing laying costs.


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