Quantity Surveying Organisation and Practice

  • Ivor H. Seeley
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It is essential that an office is well organised so that work is dealt with in a satisfactory and logical manner. At the start of a new project, all architect’s drawings should be stamped with the office stamp and date of receipt, listed and carefully examined by all staff concerned with the measurement and cost planning work. Figured dimensions on the drawings should be checked and any omitted dimensions calculated and inserted on the drawings. It will assist the subsequent measurement if walls and partitions are coloured in different colours according to type and thickness for ease of identification. It is also good policy to insert on the general location drawings, normally drawn to a scale of 1:100, a list of component details. Any queries on the drawings or supporting documentation should be entered on query sheets for subsequent clarification by the architect. Where reference is made to materials, components or proprietary systems with which the quantity surveyor is unfamiliar, he should obtain full particulars from the manufacturer.


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