Youth Crime in the UK

  • John Pitts
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Between 1981 and 1993 recorded crime in the UK increased by 111 per cent. Government ministers were temporarily heartened in 1988 when it dropped by 5 per cent because it seemed that their investment in law and order, a real increase of 87 per cent during the Conservatives’ period in office, was at last paying off. But recorded crime rose sharply again from the end of 1989, climbing by 17 per cent in 1990, a further 16 per cent in 1991, reaching its peak at 5.8 million in 1992, from where it fell back to around 5.3 million in 1994. However, the falls in recorded property crime between 1993 and 1994 were paralleled by a significant rise in ‘crimes against the person’ (see Table 2.1).


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