Life and the path to God: Sikh beliefs

  • Ray Colledge
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  • God created all life.

  • Everyone is born equal, and everyone has a spark of God in them.

  • Every living thing is subject to reincarnation or rebirth after death, in what is called transmigration. The main aim of humanity is to escape from this. This is impossible without the help of God.

  • Every human being has a body, mind and soul which have unity. All three must be developed in harmony. This is achieved by finding harmony with God.

  • The consequences of actions in this world follow us into the next. All actions are important.

  • God gave humankind free will to choose his course. He also gave people the power of reason and the ability to know right from wrong. He had endowed humanity with the wisdom to make the right decisions.

  • The laws of good health and proper work keep the body healthy.

  • True religion affects every aspect of life. It also shows the way for right living.


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