Partisans, Fighters and Katzetniks

  • Hanna Yablonka


During the Holocaust years, Menahem Bader was the man who represented the Histadrut (National Labour Federation) and the Hashomer Hatzair (kibbutz movement) in the Rescue Committee at Kushta. His job was to make contact with Jewish organizations and movement leaders, and to transfer money, letters and instructions to and from Jews imprisoned in the Holocaust countries. He became a key activist in saving Jews in Europe,1 and was one of only a handful of people to have any kind of contact with them during their most tragic hours. Menahem Bader was constantly aware of his inability to offer them any real salvation and this feeling of helplessness in the face of so much suffering made him acutely sensitive to their plight, both during and after the Second World War. He was also very sensitive to the thinly veiled attitudes rampant in the Kibbutz Ha’artzi towards the Holocaust survivors.


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