Giving a Talk

  • Nicky Stanton
Part of the Macmillan Master Series book series (PAMAS)


Claire had worked for the personnel department of Hossack Construction plc for three years and during this time she had learned a lot and was gradually being given more responsibility. The company had expanded recently and had won several large contracts. Each new contract involved recruiting hundreds of construction workers. The personnel department was beginning to feel the strain of taking on all these people. Little by little, Claire realised that her responsibilities were changing. She was being asked to speak on company induction and training courses. She had never minded talking to people on a one-to-one basis, but when faced with large groups, she became terribly nervous, her stomach churned, her mouth went dry and her voice either dwindled to an inaudible murmur, or became shrill and breathless … and she forgot what she had intended to say. She had always hated this sort of thing, even at school, and had managed to avoid reading or reciting in class.


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