The Siege of the Bunker

  • Hugh Trevor-Roper


With the departure of Speer on 24 April, the last of the casual visitors to the Bunker had gone, and from that time on, apart from two interesting pilgrims from the outer world, the dramatis personae of the tragi-comedy remained constant. They were also few. In the Fuehrerbunker were Hitler and Eva Braun; Goebbels (who occupied the rooms abandoned by Dr Morell) with his wife and children and his adjutant, Hauptsturmfuehrer Schwaeger- mann; Dr Stumpfegger; Sturmbannfuehrer Heinz Linge, Hitler’s personal attendant; Sturmbannfuehrer Otto Guensche, his S S adjutant and faithful shadow; his two remaining secretaries, Frau Christian and Frau Junge; and Fraeulein Manzialy, his vegetarian cook. Apart from these, there were others who lived in the other bunkers, and came as occasion drew them to the Fuehrerbunker. Most regular in their attendance were of course Martin Bormann, with his assistant S S Standartenfuehrer Zander and his secretary Fraeulein Krueger; General Krebs, with his adjutant Major Frey- tag von Loringhoven and his aide-de-camp Rittmeister Boldt; General Burgdorf, with his assistants Colonel von Below, Lieutenant-Colonel Weiss and Major Johannmeier; General Weidling, the commandant of the city; Hitler’s two pilots, Grup- penfuehrer Baur and Standartenfuehrer Beetz; Brigadefuehrer Mohnke, the commandant of the Chancellery; Artur Axmann, leader of the Hitler Youth, who were defending positions in the city; Werner Naumann, Goebbels’ assistant in the Propaganda


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