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Political Hospitalization: Conception, Conceptualization and Conduct

  • Theresa C. Smith
  • Thomas A. Oleszczuk


Many states confront episodic phenomena of political, national, ethnic and religious dissidents who defy societal norms. The Soviet experience with dissident movements was unprecedented for its duration, intensity, mass recruiting base, and its significance in the erosion and collapse of the Union. The Soviet experience was unique in both the size and degree of organization of nonconformist informal groups. The dissident movements at their apex comprised perhaps a quarter of a million or more diverse individuals (Hubner, 1980:84), of whom hundreds, possibly thousands, of the more vocal or irritating nonconformists were confined to psychiatric hospitals for extended periods. Even pariah states, such as South Africa at the height of its defence of apartheid, did not resort systematically to this measure to inhibit political upheaval.


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