General Application of Theory and Techniques of Psychotherapy in Nursing Situations

  • Anita Werner O’Toole
  • Sheila Rouslin Welt


Individual psychotherapy is a specific type of encapsulated experience that permits an intense relationship and focus on the life experiences of one person, so that they may be reevaluated and understood. This type of corrective experience is an important one, in which the themes and patterns of behavior of the patient are identified, placed in the perspective of his or her biography, and seen in relation to the current need of these themes and patterns. The experience is corrective mainly because it brings to the attention of the patient various dimly known aspects of his or her life, and in so doing permits a reconsideration of what was involved. This kind of a review serves as a basis for reformulation of the patient’s views on life, and therefore as a basis for choosing and trying out new behavior patterns that generally tend to be more in line with the capacities and interpersonal interests of the patient.


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