A Decade of Decisions (1960–1970)

  • John Charles Chasteen


By 1960 the development strategies adopted in Latin America during the three previous decades seemed to have exhausted their potential, and the unpredictable socialist outcome of the Cuban Revolution suggested a new turn of events for the region. As both the developed capitalist countries and the countries of the socialist bloc enjoyed powerful and sustained economic growth, Latin Americans regarded the performance of their own economies with increasing disenchantment. To many, the decade of the 1960s constituted a crossroads where the future course of the region’s history would be determined. The mood of urgency within Latin America, which was now beginning to understand itself as part of the “Third” World, heightened the effects of a new interventionism from the “First” and “Second” Worlds, emboldened by their prosperity to take a more active role in Latin American affairs. In various ways, then, internationalism was in the air.


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