Social Work and Probation Practice with Offenders

  • Helen Cosis Brown
Part of the Practical Social Work Series book series (PSWS)


Much that has gone before in this book is relevant to work with offenders within the criminal justice system. Lesbians and gay men are subject to the same ideologies and practices here as they have been in other areas of social work practice. Issues in relation to the theoretical base of social work, organisational contexts, and lesbians and gay men as both workers and clients are equally relevant to the organisational contexts within which offenders are worked with. How we work with offenders — the structures, controlling statutes, processes and practices — will be dictated by the national location and the organisational context. This chapter does not address itself to the detail of work with offenders within the criminal justice system, but rather concentrates on areas that are worthy of reflection when trying to develop anti-oppressive practice with lesbians and gay men in this specific context. The chapter reflects on work with both adult and young offenders. With regard to juvenile justice and young lesbians and gay men, it should be considered in conjunction with the section on young people in Chapter 7. Civil work is not covered here, as the relevant areas in relation to children and families are covered in Chapter 6.


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