Design of Reinforced Concrete Slabs

  • W. H. Mosley
  • R. Hulse
  • J. H. Bungey


The columns in a structure carry the loads from the beams and slabs down to the foundations, and therefore they are primarily compression members, although they may also have to resist bending forces due to the continuity of the structure. The analysis of a section subjected to an axial load plus bending is dealt with in  Chapter 4, where it is noted that a direct solution of the equations which' determine the areas of reinforcement can be very laborious and impractical. Therefore, design charts or some form of electronic computer are often employed to facilitate the routine design of column sections. Design of columns is governed by the ultimate limit state; deflections and cracking during service conditions are not usually a problem, but nevertheless correct detailing of the reinforcement and adequate cover are important (figure 9.1 illustrates the stages of design).


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