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There are now several software packages available that aim to help you to write better English. All the word processors now on the market contain a spelling checker and probably a Thesaurus as well. But neither of these will check your grammar or give you any idea of the readability of what you have written. Two such programs are Grammatik (Versions IV and V) from Reference Software and Correct Grammar for Windows from the Writing Tools Group distributed in the UK by WordStar International. Both of these are “bolt on” programs that can be run in conjunction with a large range of word processing packages and DTP systems. Grammatik IV, a straight MS-DOS program, and Version V; are available in MS-DOS, Windows and Unix versions. The latter is a program that works through MicroSoft’s Windows 3. It thus can be used with any Windows application that can copy text to the clipboard as well as ASCII files and documents from non-Windows applications.


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