Customer relations—dealing with people

  • Terry Gould
  • Hilary Merrett


It is incumbent on all health service staff to be both committed and responsive to meeting the physical, emotional and social needs of clients and patients. A friendly, helpful, attentive and caring approach by the health professional and other health service personnel can easily overcome the fear, anxiety and apprehension of the patient. Such an approach will help to establish a relationship which is trusting, and promotes confidence and high expectation. It has been assumed by some that these factors can actually accelerate recovery or improve the outcome of disease. Whether they actually influence outcome will continue to be conjectural, but it is indisputable that the course of an illness becomes more bearable to both its sufferer and relatives if the professional care and support is given in a kind and personal manner. It is far too easy to treat the disease while ignoring the patient. A recent survey within Wandsworth9 has shown that, although patients are full of praise for the clinical care, they are far more likely to criticise all other aspects of the service provided in hospitals and clinics.


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