Oligopoly: Static and Dynamic Analysis

  • Paolo Sylos Labini
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After the publication in 1956 of Bain’s monograph [1] and my own [12] and following Modigliani’s important review article [9] several economists have discussed the theoretical model of oligopoly. They have focused their attention on the static problem of price determination neglecting the dynamic problems, even though these were amply examined by Bain and by myself. (My interest in this order of problem appeared clearly in the title of my monograph.) The reason for this is easily understood: Modern economic theory is characterized by an abnormal development of static analysis, while the effort devoted to the dynamic problems has been relatively modest — a paradoxical situation in an epoch characterized by extraordinary technological, organizational and institutional changes. On one hand we have a great number of theoretical models, not verified and often not verifiable; on the other, we have an equally great number of empirical but also essentially descriptive, works. Analyses seeking to combine in a harmonious analysis both theory and empirical verification are relatively rare.


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