The Role of the Austrian Government in East-West Economic Relations

  • Fritz Gehart
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The political organization of the world, which is the result of the conventions adopted within the framework of the United Nations since 1945, has given some reality to the idealistic principle “one country, one vote”. Given a high degree of political culture, such as has been achieved by certain regions of the world, this principle enables small countries such as Austria to develop enough self-assurance to pursue active and sovereign policies. This may account for the fact that Austria’s voice is heard in the concert of nations even though its territory represents only 0.05 per cent of the land mass, and its inhabitants make up no more than 0.15 per cent of the world population. And it explains why Austria, and the Austrian people, are masters in their own house even though the country finds itself in a highly complex and, as has again been demonstrated recently, most unstable geopolitical situation.


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