A Socio-Liberal Alternative?

  • Arno Tausch
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Neoclassical economic theories have always maintained that the market is the most efficient promoter of development. Dependence as a phenomenon practically does not exist, as far as one well-established interpretation of the ‘mainstream paradigm’ in economics, that of Lord P. T. Bauer, is concerned. Lord Bauer, looking back on his more than four decades of research into the problem of less developed areas, states:

As I have said, a large part of (i.e. ‘enclave’) production, and sometimes the entire output, was (and remains) in the hands of the local population. The same applies to the associated activities of trade and transport. Had this been otherwise, the development of export crops could not have transformed the lives of the local people as it has done. In these regions, as in many others, the pervasive economic advance has made it possible for much larger populations to live longer and at much higher standards. (Lord P. T. Bauer, 1984: 30)


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