Immunoconjugates of a Protein Synthesis-Inhibiting Drug

  • Alton C. MorganJr.
  • F. Taha Comezoglu
  • Ron Manger
  • Bruce B. Jarvis
  • Paul G. Abrams
  • Gowsala Sivam


Trichothecenes are a class of mycotoxins that are potent inhibitors of protein synthesis (Alder et al., 1984). In fact, they are among the most active cytotoxic agents known when tested against cultured tumor cells. The manifestations of their toxicities against a living host are quite varied, ranging from necrotizing dermatitis to death.


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  • Alton C. MorganJr.
  • F. Taha Comezoglu
  • Ron Manger
  • Bruce B. Jarvis
  • Paul G. Abrams
  • Gowsala Sivam

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