Trends and Policies in East-West Economic Relations — A View From The West

  • Philip Hanson
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The function of this paper is to set the scene for detailed analysis of East-West trade developments and for discussion of policies that bear on those relations. Anyone providing an account of what has been happening in East-West trade can hardly improve on the annual analytical surveys produced by the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UN ECE).2) Rather than replicate their detailed analysis, I shall offer, first, a brief summary of the main developments in East-West trade during this decade; then some observations on the role of policymakers in both East and West; thirdly, some comments on one central issue in both Eastern and Western policy: technology transfers; and, finally, I shall draw attention to some recent organisational innovations on the Eastern side. The emphasis will be mainly on Soviet-Western economic relations, for the practical — if not very good — reason that I have followed them more closely than I have the relations between Eastern Europe and the West.


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