Amblyopia, Strabismus and Anisometropia in Congenital Glaucoma Patients

  • Linda M. Christmann
  • James G. FergusonJr


In the management of infantile glaucoma in 1990, several formidable obstacles confront the treating ophthalmologist. One needs not only to contend with the elevated intraocular pressure and its associated optic nerve damage, but also with the potential in a growing eye for abnormal ocular growth, sub-optimal visual acuity, and the inability to develop binocularity. Today, the surgeon may not be the individual providing follow-up care for the child, or the surgeon may not be aware of the frequent association between congenital glaucoma and amblyopia, strabismus, and anisometropia. The goal of the ophthalmologist has shifted from not only control of the intraocular pressure to insuring good vision in each eye, and when feasible, fusion and depth perception.


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  • Linda M. Christmann
  • James G. FergusonJr

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