Symposium on the Management of Fully Accommodative Esotropia

  • Emilio C. Campos


Mr.Fells; What I would like to explain about this symposium now is that we are discussing the question of the management of fully accommodative esotropia, a condition in which normal binocular single vision is present at all distances when the hypermetropia is corrected with glasses. This implies a normal accommodative convergence to accommodation ratio. You will see that the participants are arranged with Dr. Schor and myself in the middle and two sets of three on either side. We have a series of questions which our panelists know and have been thinking about and I shall be asking each one of them in turn to answer the same question. These answers have to be brief and then we will come on to the opportunity for discussion amongst the panelists later. Dr. Schor will now make some introductory remarks.


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