Chapters 5 to 8 of this book review the treatment of particular business structures and practices by the competition authorities of the European Community and of the United Kingdom. As has been noted, businesses engaged in activities which could be deemed to affect trade between member states may fall within both jurisdictions. In those cases, account has to be taken of differences in the authorities’ treatment of similar practices. In most cases, however, a given practice may be expected to receive broadly similar treatment under both regulatory systems. Generally speaking, a Community precedent may be expected to exert a persuasive influence on the subsequent UK treatment of similar cases, and UK decisions (and those of other national competition authorities within the Community) may have some influence on subsequent Community decisions. In view of the supremacy of Community competition law over the national laws of member states, a gradual convergence of practice may be expected over the long term. In the short term, however, there are circumstances under which divergent approaches may be taken to similar cases.


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