In Retirement, 1955–65

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Very soon after leaving No. 10 for the last time — in fact, on April 12th — Churchill with Clementine and also Cherwell went off on holiday to Syracuse. According to Colville as reported by Moran, he played bezique for eight hours a day and painted for four.1 But only three days after his outward flight, and after only eight days of the new premiership, Anthony Eden announced a dissolution of Parliament for May 6th and a general election for May 26th. Since the weather in Sicily was disappointing anyway, Churchill returned home after little more than a fortnight, on April 26th. Eden did not invite him to give a proper broadcast, but only to make a brief appearance on television — to be sure, a rapidly expanding medium — and this arrangement did not satisfy Churchill. Having refused to participate, he was rather at a loss for a few days.


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