Methods of communication

  • Nicki Stanton
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A large manufacturing company had suffered from strikes, working to rule and overtime bans for years. Eventually, following a crippling strike which almost put the company into receivership, it was decided to launch a communications policy. A budget was allocated and a director made responsible full time. Within a few months, regular filmed reports on the company’s progress were being shown to employees, a whole series of new factual publications about many aspects of the company’s business was being distributed, and a family of joint committees at junior and senior level was dealing with such issues as the five-year business plan, and discussing such subjects as where to produce which products.

Less than a year after the communication policy had begun, the union convener who had led all the major strikes was quoted in the national press as saying, ‘If I’d known a few years ago what I know now about how the company works and how it’s been doing I’d never have led all those strikes.’


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