The Eve of Mass Collectivisation, June–September 1929

  • R. W. Davies


While the kolkhozy received increasing attention from the end of 1926 onwards,1 the much greater efforts of the authorities to expand the sovkhozy and the kolkhozy in the course of 1928 and 1929 were a direct response to the grain crisis in the winter of 1927–8. In January 1928 Stalin told a party audience in Siberia ‘we cannot allow our industry to depend on kulak whims’; kolkhozy and sovkhozy must be ‘developed to the full, not sparing our efforts and resources’, so that within three or four years (i. e. by 1931 or 1932) they would supply at least one-third of all the grain requirements of the state; moreover, in the long run socialist construction required ‘socialisation of the whole of agriculture’.2


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