Regional Inequalities and Pacific Siberian Development

  • Jonathan R. Schiffer
Part of the Studies in Russian and East European History and Society book series (SREEHS)


The Soviet Union is committed to the principle of ‘regional equality’ amongst its constituent republics. The concept is also applied to various sub-units within each republic, and the push to integrate Siberian and Far Eastern natural resource wealth into the Soviet economy has also prompted many Soviet regional scientists to invoke the ‘regional equality’ principle in arguments for an assortment of investment objectives. In brief, it has been suggested that if one wishes to make the optimum usage of the region’s raw material base, improvements in living standards, physical and social infrastructure, employment opportunities, and diversification of the industrial economy are necessary components of a proper regional development strategy. Improvements in the interaction of these elements will stabilise the labour force, increase economic efficiency, and strengthen the region’s contribution to the national economy.


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