Seventh Day

26 September 1981 (AS. 40/101–13)
  • George Sanford


[10 a.m. start] 824 out of 896 accredited delegates present (92 per cent). Election of new congress presidium and secretariat for Second Round (J. Buzek, Dąbrowa-Silesia, elected as chairman by 396 votes to 281 for A. Fijałkowski, Mazowsze). Election of a new 28-strong Resolutions and Motions Committee (chairman J. Dowgiałło, Mazowsze). Discussion of procedural matters including the approval of detailed specifications to section IV, art. 10 and section III, art. 2 of Standing Orders and of a 29-point agenda for the Second Round. On the proposal to sign an agreement with PRiTV, J. Jastrzȩbowski (Mazowsze) says that the TV news programmes ‘are spitting at us and will continue to spit’. Another RTV worker. A. Warchalowski (Little Poland), declares that the Radio-Committee will not respect any agreements. The proposal is rejected with only three in favour. L. Waliszewski (Dąbrowa-Silesia) presents his delegation’s emergency declaration on the arrest of Tadeusz Arent, the Solidarity chairman in the Szczygłowice coalmine. This supports the protest strike there but calls for regional sympathy-strikes to be held in reserve during the Second Round. [Break.]


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