‘Tempest’; Communists’ Manifesto, the Attempt on Hitler’s life, Italy, ‘Bridges’

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After the battles of the 27 Volhynia Division of the Home Army, the next contact with the Red Army took place in the regions of Wilno and Nowogrńdek, in the next phase of ‘Tempest’. Home Army partisan squads, the only Polish units on that territory, had already been active there for a long time and had been trying to co-operate with similar Soviet units, with varying rates of success. Several anti-German actions had been agreed upon, but had ended with the unexpected departure of the temporary allies from the scene of battle. The Soviet soldiers behaved as if they were on their own land; several times the situation led to the treacherous arrest of Polish officers and to Polish units being wiped out. At the beginning of 1944 an order dispelling any remaining doubts was found beside the body of a Soviet commissar from the Czapajew Unit:

At 7 a.m. on December 1st Polish legionaries (‘partisans’) are to be disarmed. Their arms and papers are to be confiscated and the men and the arms are to be sent to the Polish camp Milaszewski, near the village Nestorowicze, in the Iwieniecki district. If the ‘partisans’ offer any resistance while being disarmed they are to be shot out of hand.1


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