Transitional Economic Policies, 1971–3

  • Mariano Filippini
  • Maria Angélica Olcese
  • José Saúl Lizondo
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The purpose of this article is to present a brief description and an analysis of the evolution of the Argentine economy between June 1970 and May 1973, a transitional period which on the economic level falls between the anti-inflationary plans of Adalbert Krieger Vasena (1967–9) and José Gelbard (1973–4). Politically, the period includes the administrations of General Roberto M. Levingston and his successor, General Alejandro A. Lanusse; that is to say, it deals with the last stages of the military regime, the so-called Revolución Argentina (the Argentine Revolution), which ousted the constitutional government of Arturo Illia in June 1966. This period corresponds to the final stage of the Revolución Argentina, a period during which the political consensus and support of different economic sectors, initially offered to the first president General Juan Carlos Onganía, began to dissipate, especially as the March 1973 elections neared, thus limiting the decision-making power of the officials in the Economy Ministry.


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  • Mariano Filippini
  • Maria Angélica Olcese
  • José Saúl Lizondo

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