Special Needs (Parental Involvement)

  • R. L. Dawson


The 1981 Education Act received the Royal Assent on 30 October 1981 and was implemented on 1 April 1983. The Act amended the law relating to special education and introduced the new concept of special educational needs. It imposed duties on Local Education Authorities to identify, assess and make appropriate special educational provision for those children whose special needs are such that they require specialised educational provision. It also assigned new rights and obligations to parents, and it is with the involvement of parents in the special educational procedures that this Unit is concerned. Your own Authority may have issued guidelines for parents of children thought to have special needs and you should refer to these in conjunction with this Unit. All the information in the Unit was compiled from the 1981 Education Act (81 Act), Circular 1/83 or Statutory Instrument 1983 No. 29, all obtainable from HMSO.


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