Business Regulation and Business Ethics

  • Karl J. Mackie


A frequent issue which arises in discussions about the position of the in-house lawyer is the question of ‘ethics’, although there are two different expressions of this interest. First, there is the interest within the legal profession in the concept of the ‘independence’ of the lawyer. The attitude of outside lawyers to in-house legal work is quite important in this respect, and chapter 12 devotes some attention to this aspect of professional ethics. There is also a second area which is related to, but not identical with, the first.1 That concerns the role of a legal professional within a business organisation in terms of the debate about government regulation2 of business and of business ‘morality’. How do in-house lawyers perceive the value of such regulation? Do they have an additional ethical role inside the modern corporation by reason of their training in the law? The first half of this chapter provides a brief introduction to the concepts of business regulation and business ethics. The second part relates these to the perceptions by in-house lawyers of their companies’ standards of conduct, and their views on the role of the in-house lawyer in relation to these standards, and concludes with a redefinition of the in-house lawyer’s role.


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