Before beginning this story of my life, I’d like to give credit to so many guys who encouraged me to do things. These people include, here in New York: George Avakian, Brick Fleagle, Rev John Garcia Gensel, Cliff Glover, John Hammond, Nat Hentoff, Dan Morgenstern, Sy Oliver, Hank O’Neal, George Wein and Ben and Jeanne Wright; elsewhere in the USA and Canada: Ilughie Clairmont, Stanley Dance, Schifford Garner, Nat Pierce and Pat Scott; in England: Max Jones, Humphrey Lyttelton and Steve Voce; in Europe: Yannick Bruynoghe, John Darville, Felix Debrit, Charles Delaunay, Hugues Panassié, Johnny Simmen and Jack Armitage; and, last but not least, Dr Roger Currie in. Australia and Yasuo Segami in Japan.


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