Singapore island stretches about 25 miles from east to west and 14 miles from north to south. The commercial port and the city had been developed on the south side of the island and here the great majority of the population lived and worked. From the early nineteenth century, harbour and warehouse facilities had been closely related to the sheltered waters of the inner and outer ‘Roads’ and the mouth of the Singapore River itself. To these facilities was added a ‘new harbour’, built by private companies to provide docks, wharves and coaling for big ships in the age of steam. Lying a little to the west of the earlier port, the new harbour came under control, first, of the Tanjong Pagar Company in 1863 and, 50 years later it was directly linked with the colonial government through the establishment of the Singapore Harbour Board. The whole complex became known as Keppel Harbour, and the installations included a dry dock for repair and maintenance operations. Much was built on reclaimed swampland, as, indeed, was a large part of the whole water frontage of the city of Singapore.


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