Multinationals: Engines of Development or Maldevelopment?

  • Lawrence R. Alschuler


In Argentina, a slowly moving, antiquated steam locomotive pulls a load of wheat and beef and many passengers from the Pampas to the port of Buenos Aires. The train is frequently derailed, either because of the dilapidated condition of the rolling stock or because of bombs exploding on the tracks. A fast new train in the Ivory Coast carries coffee, cocoa and timber to waiting ships at Abidjan. The train stops for the French, the Lebanese, and the Upper Voltans who sit in the back, but not for the Ivorians. The Seoul-Inchon express is among the fastest trains in the world, carrying stylish wearing apparel and electronics goods. When the Korean train meets a steep grade, in order to maintain its speed, second-class passengers are thrown off.


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