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Star Wars and European Defence is the outcome of a truly transatlantic effort, both to analyse the European perceptions of President Reagan’s vision and the SDI research programme and to assess the implications of SDI for the security policy of the two European nuclear states, Great Britain and France, and for European security in general. By drawing together a distinguished group of American and of younger European authors, this book covers the SDI debate in Europe until December 1985 and in West Germany until the end of February 1986. As a representative sample of the fourteen European NATO countries, the reaction in six nations will be analysed in detail — in the two nuclear weapon states (Great Britain and France) and in the four non-nuclear NATO countries (the Federal Republic of Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg). A much broader survey of the debate within the defence committees of the sixteen NATO countries is offered in chapter 8, which focuses both on transatlantic consultations on the SDI and on the debate within three transnational parliaments — the North Atlantic Assembly, the Western European Union and the European Parliament.


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