Emerging Technologies and Conventional Defence

  • Paul F. Walker


As the tank column advanced closer to the battlefield, it noticed itself under observation from small, strange-looking drone-type aircraft buzzing overhead. No sooner had the tank gunners drawn a bead on the mini-aircraft, difficult to follow due to their quick, low, and erratic flight, than the tanks came under sudden attack from swarms of what appeared to be molten slugs of metal falling out of the clouds. This forced the gunners to drop their machine-guns, dive into their armoured turrets, and batten down hatches while trying to call in air cover to knock out the drones. The tank drivers, in the meantime, sought cover in defilade and regrouped for further advance, the column now reduced to two-thirds its original number. Scouts sent out to examine the lost tanks reported that they had been destroyed by armour-piercing warheads entering vertically through turrets and engine covers; crews in the tanks struck through the turret had died instantly by shrapnel richocheting round the tank insides.


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