Stability and Progress: The Richer Countries’ Problem

  • Dennis Robertson
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Those who have planned this series of addresses have made a heroic attempt to divide the indivisible. To Professor Viner and myself has been allotted the general question — no small one — of Stability and Progress; to Professors Perroux, Haberler and Lundberg some of its particular aspects. Further, somewhat as Pope Alexander VI divided the New World between Spain and Portugal, so our officers have divided the whole world between Viner and myself. I yield to him Asia, Africa and South America more whole-heartedly than ever Octavian surrendered the gorgeous East to Antony, and I do not think I shall often be found trespassing in his orchard. But to my other three colleagues I offer my apologies if I find that I cannot discharge my task, even within the limits of my inadequate knowledge and understanding, without some mention of technology, of money, of international trade.


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