The United Kingdom Experience (III)

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Although input-output tables are designed specifically to incorporate sector detail into the description of the country’s productive activities, such tables usually are not much help in tracing the development of different sectors of production over time. The reason for this is quite simply lack of comparability between successive input- output tables. In the case of the UK tables this lack of comparability is due in part to changes in the coverage of different industries in line with the revisions of the 1948 Standard Industrial Classification in 1958, 1968 and 1980 and in part to changes in the industrial groupings used in the tables, with the 1948 table distinguishing a mere 10 industry groups and the 1979 table distinguishing no less than 100 separate industries and industry groups. Fortunately the fact that the input-output tables are not all that well suited to making comparisons over time does not mean that the changes in the industrial pattern of UK production cannot be ascertained properly. Actually each Blue Book carries a few tables which provide the type of information required for the purpose.


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